We Create Life-Giving Leaders and Organizations


Healthy organizations out-perform unhealthy ones day in and day out. On top of that, it it is extremely difficult for an organization to recover from the cost of losing good talent. We want to help bring life into the leaders, teams and culture to create great workplaces. This will develop culture that lasts, plus recruit and retain great talent. We do this by bringing L.I.F.E.


Leadership essentials

We believe foundations need to be built on a combination of tried and true leadership principles and new ideas for the future. This is the starting point for our clients.



The Life-Giving Co believes that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is key to integrating leadership into day to day life. We work with clients and teams to apply EQ to their unique wiring and the teams unique DNA.


Forward Thinking

Creating plans and strategic direction is an essential part of Life Giving Leadership. Leaders want to know where they are going and we want to help you define plans.



Without strong evaluation processes and commitment to getting better, you cannot create life giving organizations. It is mission critical to develop systems to determine our current reality. We have to look at ourselves to create proper perspective.